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Dream Big: What Could You Do with a Room Addition in Northern Virginia?

Your house is everything you wish it to be, but perhaps something has changed in your circumstance. You just had your first baby; your teenagers are ready for their own space; your aging parents are hoping to spend more time with the grandkids. The reasons are endless on why you might need some extra space out of the house you adore. Have you considered renovating for a room addition? It might be the perfect way to keep your house but add the extra space you need.

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Basement Finishing Ideas: Renovating Your Northern Virginia Basement

For a lot of homes in the Northern Virginia area, basements end up as a catch-all for the rejects of furniture, files, boxes, toys, and books. They can become wastelands of dead space that nobody uses, except when their kids are down there playing mini sticks against the walls. Maybe it is time to take back your basement and turn it into the perfect entertaining space or place to enjoy time with your family.

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What Style of Kitchen Cabinets Will Best Complement Your Architecture?

Kitchen cabinetry, whether it be stock or custom, is available in a huge range of styles to suit any budget. The most costly part of your kitchen cabinets, and the part that will also make the biggest style impact, are the doors. To find your ideal kitchen cabinet doors it is important to be respectful of the architecture of your home, and enhance its character by embracing the design of the building.

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