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Get the Look of A Craftsman Style Kitchen!

Is your kitchen boring? Are you planning to remodel the look of your kitchen? Yet, you are confused which design would look good to your kitchen? Read on and understand the Craftsman Style Kitchen and get inspired out of this blog.

Is your kitchen boring? Are you planning to remodel the look of your kitchen? Yet, you are confused which design would look good to your kitchen? Read on and understand the Craftsman Style Kitchen and get inspired out of this blog.

Craftsman Style Kitchen designs can provide homeowners with a classic and authentic approach. It can work in almost any traditional or contemporary home design. It has several common features that make them recognizable. As well as just popular today as they were more than 100 years ago.

The over-extended eaves of Craftsman roofs lend themselves to having spacious porches on the front of houses. It featured thick, tapered columns along the perimeter.

Craftsman Style Kitchen showcase hand-worked local materials with decorative elements such as:

  • Brackets
  • Lintels
  • Rafters
  • Display an artisan approach to surface decoration.

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The Craftsman architectural style that gained a strong foothold in California, thanks to architect brothers Henry and Charles Greene.

The houses of the architects Greene and Greene of Pasadena, responding to both local building traditions. The influence of Japanese architecture stands as paragons of Craftsman style.

Though mostly found in California, Craftsman houses appeared throughout the United States in the early twentieth century. They also continue to be an architectural style for new construction homes that are built today. Most especially in areas that value connections to the mountains and forests.

The distinct, cozy rooms, are a favorite to convert to “open-concept floor plans” on home renovation. It shows the smaller craftsman style ideas. As a result, it frankly can strip these historic structures of many of the features. As well as its charm made them so desirable.

Craftsman style is often associated with bungalows. Bungalows, a style of house with origins in the Bengal region of India. A bungalow refers to a simple, small (typically only one or one-and-a-half stories) house with a sloping roof and wide porch along the front.

While the Craftsman bungalow is a very popular pairing, the two are not necessarily linked.


Any self-respecting Craftsman Style kitchen will have amazing cabinetry. This movement was characterized by fine woodworking and craftsmanship.

Muted or Earthen Colors

The reigning color aesthetic will be muted earthy colors or neutrals. Think of grays, creams, rusty reds, muted green, soft browns, and off-whites.

You can go with any paint manufacturer, but we’ve chosen a few Valspar colors which Valspar itself says represents an accurate Craftsman palette:

  • Winter Calm
  • Opal Slate
  • Seafoam Storm
  • Sharkfin

Drop or Chandelier Lighting

Forget the can or track lights of contemporary kitchens. Instead, you’ll want a drop, pendant, or chandelier lights.

Wood, Linoleum, or Wood-Look Tile flooring

  • Wooden features abound thick trim around doors and windows.
  • Built-in bookshelves and window seats.
  • Boxed beams along with the ceiling, etc.
  • A prominent fireplace (or two) is also a key feature inside craftsman homes.
    Stick to darker stains and stay away from ultra-glossy finishes like the so-called piano finish.
  • Consider laying tile that looks like wood. It is because hardwood isn’t always the best choice for kitchen flooring from a functional standpoint (moisture is the problem).
  • Alternatively, you may care to floor your kitchen in retro-patterned linoleum.

Wood or Soapstone Counters

If you go the wood counter-top route, you don’t need to duplicate Gamble’s pine counters. Another great idea is soapstone. Soapstone counters are light-gray at first and then take on a charcoal gray color after the application of mineral oil. Keeping with the muted and neutrals color scheme.

Artisan Tile or Tin Backsplash

In the Arts and Crafts movement, much emphasis was placed on fine tile making. So you can use hand-made artisan tile for the entire backsplash.

Where the “splurge” part comes in is the fact that artisan tile costs a pretty penny. Or if the cost is an issue, you can use accent tile within less expensive field tile.

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